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Sep 20, 2016

0:09 World Cup Discussion
19:20 Will Mathews have it worse off then McDavid?
21:38 Ovechkin will dump the NHL for the Olympics
23:24 Jets Vs. Oilers Alumni 
24:15 Pavel Lainka passed away
The Knights Watch:
28:36 Our First Game
Culture Cross:
34:14 The Wooden Throne
35:14 Funko Pop Hockey Players
37:58 The Emmys
40:18 Ghost Rider
41:33 Punisher
44:34 Stan Lee Movie
46:51 Spider-Man and Dead Pool
47:27 Will we see more Daryl
48:56 Batman Day
55:31 Harley Quinn Spin off
58:00 MacBook Rumors
1:01:03 iMessage Porn
Choke of the Week:
1:03:26 Tidal Loses Millions

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