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Sep 6, 2016

0:10 Las Vegas name game
2:35 F*** Ben Johnson
10:03 Taylor Halls future with Edmonton
11:31 Salty Subban
13:10 Players dropping out of WCH
16:51 2018 Olympic hockey qualifiers
Culture Cross:
22:50 Yoga Hosers flopping
27:07 NHL17 coaches challenges
30:30 Cursed Child trilogy
36:25 Arrival reviews arrive
37:35 Happy Hogan in Spider-Man Homecoming
39:03 Ghost Rider
41:43 Ryan Reynolds, what a guy
43:21 Justice Leage Vs. Suicide Squad comic
49:00 Netflix green lights some good stuff
Choke of the Week:
56:24 Trent... Little tables for little minds

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