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May 30, 2017

Headline Geek:
5:36 Hugh Jackman Discovers Real-Life Mario Kart, Gets Really Excited
6:49 Harry Potter prequel fan film about Voldemort
11:08 Frist Look Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern in Last Jedi
13:13 Deadpool 2 Villain Cast, Rumored to Be Black Tom
15:11 Logan Producer chimes in on X-23 Movie
17:05 Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Debut
19:32 Not Even Disneyland Can Escape Marvel's Love of Teasers
24:12 Guardian's ride can’t avoid spoilers either!
Headline Hockey:
27:01 John Scott calls P.K. Subban ‘a piece of garbage’ in ESPN documentary
31:18 Devils' GM getting calls on 1st overall pick
33:17 Caps, Leafs set for Outdoor game next year
36:42 Tampa Bay will host 2018 All-Star Game
39:12 Bettman shits on the Olympics some more
41:17 Windsor Spitfire win 2017 MasterCard Memorial Cup
Moose Musclers Moose Minute:
43:24 Alex “Peaches” Cairns Tests out the net
46:18 Logan Lucky Trailer
48:01 Spider-Man Homecoming gets 2 trailers
50:35 Pirates of the Caribbean
55:47 Nicholle Anderson, Craig Anderson’s Wife, is cancer-free
58:31 Ottawa Senators GM Pierre Dorion Said he will protect Anderson
1:01:26 Sens fans go to airport to welcome back the team
1:02:56 Percentages from Dom Luszczyszyn:
1:03:46 Catfish thrown on the ice in Pittsburgh during game one
1:07:41 Penguins are Vegas favorite for Stanley Cup
Choke of the Week:
1:09:03 Erie Otters Goaltender apologises for stick toss

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