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Aug 30, 2016

1:31 Death Stroke in the DCEU?
4:06 The Walking Dead crime drama
7:30 Rock Vs. Diesel at Wrestlemania
8:57 Thor Mocumentary
11:45 Captain Marvel rumored in Infinity Wars
13:17 Steve Rogers resigns as Cap
16:13 X-men's messy continuity
18:35 Brayden's thoughts on Spider Gwen
21:30 Donald Glover to have larger roll in Spider-Man Homecoming
22:41 Donald Glover as young Lando
Culture Cross:
25:13 Ice Guardians
26:50 Da Beauty League
29:00 KHL Team cat and it's statue
31:32 Goalie gear thief steals beers
34:59 Phil Kessel's hurt hand
36:23 Our thoughts on the World Cup
42:45 Jamie Benn is out Courute is in
43:47 Crosby is captain for Canada
44:02 Price to start in net
Choke of the Week:
45:50 Las Vegas Still Closer to a Team Name

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