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Mar 14, 2017

Headline Hockey:
1:00 Other “Reid Duke” is a magic the gathering player
2:56 Penguins fan invites homeless man to game
5:58 The 2017 Minnesota All-Hockey Hair Team
8:25 Byfuglien Takes out 3 players in 1 hit
9:48 Josh Ho-Sang wearing number 66
17:29 Penguins Vs Jets
20:45 Benches clearing brawl in Adult league
22:45 Coyotes arena search continues
25:05 Flames fan changes Twitter avatar after Penguins win
26:38 Henrik Lundqvist out 2-3 weeks with lower body injury
27:51 Shattenkirk of the Capitals gets 2 game suspension
28:42 KHL player scores from centre ice 3 times this year
31:04 Wild Injure 3 lightning centreman and still lose 4-1
Headline Geek:
32:50 Riverdale renewed for a second season
34:10 Netflix renews A Series of Unfortunate Events
35:02 Deadpool 2: Zazie Beetz Cast is cast as Domino
37:27 Patrick Stewart says he would end retirement for Legion or Deadpool
39:41 X-Men TV Series “Gifted” has a cast reading
40:41 New Wonder Woman Trailer
42:32 DC, R rated films could happen
45:12 Matthew Vaughn in talks for Directing Man of Steel 2
47:09 Baby Driver Trailer
49:16 Jurassic World 2 Teaser Image
50:14 NHL General Managers meeting
58:33 Norway GET-Leauge sets world record longest game
1:00:52 “Old Time Hockey” The Video Game
The Knights Watch:
1:03:11 Vs. The Fighting Fish
1:05:40 Thor: Ragnarok Photos
1:06:20 Thor: Ragnarok's Plot Revealed
1:08:28 Marvel's Iron Fist early reviews are not good
1:11:04 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Post-Credits Scene Confirmed
1:11:44 Telltale Games' Guardians of the Galaxy First Look
1:13:13 Knog Box Office
1:14:09 Kong Coin Flip Reviews
Choke of the Week:
1:28:12 Donald Trump learns to subtweet and fucks it up

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