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Mar 7, 2017

Headline Hockey:
00:39 Ovechkin surprises Virginia residents as pizza delivery guy
2:15 Eight-year-old dancing goalie
3:30 Flyers fans throw hats on the ice thinking Simmonds got a hat trick
7:17 Canadians bringing it back
10:25 Vicious slash to head in Quebec senior league
13:24 Coyotes’ Alexander Burmistrov rocked and hospitalized
15:48 Chris Stewart face washes Zach Parise
17:06 Martin Jones Saves a goal with his collar
19:11 Richard Bachman makes a 43 Save game
Headline Geek:
21:54 Inhumans Cast
29:03 Netlfix is releasing a Comedy Special once a week
31:19 K2S0 Was rendered in real time while filming
33:41 Better Call Saul season 3 will finally introduce us to Saul Goodman
35:01 Deadpool 2
37:18 David Harbour rumoured to play Cable
38:40 Tron Reboot Starring Jared Leto in Development
40:23 Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer
42:15 New Batmobile picture shows justice league version
43:50 First look at Aquaman swimming
45:13 Joe Thorton reaches 1000 assists
45:34 Trades
54:41 Golden Knights make Reid Duke first player
The Knights Watch:
56:02 Vs. Warriors
56:36 Vs. Cutting Edge
1:00:59 Nintendo Switch
1:01:58 Logan Box Office
1:03:58 Logan Coin Flip Review
Choke of the Week:
1:15:08 Amazon Engineer shut down 1/3 of the internet by mistake

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