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Feb 28, 2017

Headline Hockey:
3:20 Subban to receive meritorious service award
5:19 The Leafs will wear St. Pats Jerseys on March 18th
6:17 Filip Forsberg scores back-to-back hat tricks
7:34 NCAA Hockey Goalie allergic to ice
13:07 NJCAA hockey player facing charges after attacking referee
15:49 Vince Dunn a St. Louis prospect dropped the gloves
17:54 Pittsburgh and Philadelphia outdoor game
Headline Geek:
20:37 People Complaining that Han Solo Cast Is White
28:15 Ryan Reynolds and Joe Carnahan Hard at work on X-Force movie
30:58 Drew Goddard has joined Deadpool 2 as a consultant
33:29 So Matt Reeves is actually directing Batman
34:30 Lego Batman Director in talks for live action Nightwing
37:20 Bill Paxton dies
42:16 Trades
57:04 Trade Shmade 2017 Week #3
1:05:06 Canucks get the mumps
1:08:53 Wild get the mumps
The Knights Watch:
1:10:26 Vs. Predators
1:14:35 Hugh Jackman would still be Wolverine if he was in the MCU
1:15:43 Logan doesn’t have a post credit scene
1:16:14 89th Annual Academy Awards
Choke of the Week:
1:20:24 And the Oscar Goes to

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