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Aug 23, 2016

0:12 Jimmy Vesey
7:30 Smaller goalie pads
15:22 Dami Ryspaev's life long ban from KHL
20:00 Swedish linesman's finger
21:23 OHL cracks down on fighting
26:56 Wold Cup of Hockey and it's sponsorships
Culture Cross:
40:13 NHL 17 trailer
42:05 Nintendo cashes out from the Mariners
43:54 Tokyo Olympics and the Japans Prime Minister
45:52 Spider-Man gets a third Villain
49:14 Marry Jane gets cast
50:46 Guardians will be in Infinity Wars
53:30 Michael Pena will return
54:38 Ironheart/Ironman
57:19 Portman done with Marvel
57:56 Disney files Lightsaber patent
59:15 Suicide Squad at the box office
Choke of the Week:
1:04:29 Grundstrorm misses and empty net

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