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Feb 21, 2017

Headline Hockey:
5:58 Sportsnet VR
7:40 Ducks' Vermette suspended 10 games
9:09 Crosby hits 1000
11:10 Kris Letang now has his own chocolate bar
13:40 Jagar Insane hands to score 760th goal
14:35 Toronto has insane Cap space
15:54 Mitch Marner Day to Day
18:03 Jack Edwards NBC jab at the “Bowling Green Massacre”
21:35 KHL hockey writer eats own paper
Headline Geek:
23:55 Stranger Things Could run for 4-5 seasons
25:28 Nintendo Releases Zelda: Breath of the Wild season pass
28:25 Monopoly Is ditching The Thimble!
33:01 Canadiens fire Michel Therrien, name Claude Julien head coach
35:30 Trades This Week
38:11 Trade Shmade 2017 #2
The Knights Watch:
47:20 Vs. The Warriors
52:13 New Actor Takes Over R2-D2 For The Last Jedi
53:34 Harrison Ford needs to stop flying...
55:04 First Look at Rey, Finn and Poe in The Last Jedi
55:37 The “Jedi” in “The Last Jedi” is plural
56:38 Jar Jar Binks fate revealed
57:59 Mel Gibson Confirms Talks to Direct Suicide Squad 2
59:28 The Batman: Director Matt Reeves Leaves
1:01:20 Ben Affleck reportedly doesn't want to be Batman anymore
1:03:27 Lion King casts James Earl Jones and Donald Glover
1:04:30 Wonder Woman’s Main Villain
Choke of the Week:
1:05:50 Russia Blows out Team Trukey 42-0

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