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Feb 14, 2017

Headline Hockey:
1:16 Joe Thornton scores his first goal on a goalie this year
3:08 Farmer in Saanich BC tries to clear road with Zamboni
4:45 Players are being asked to evaluate Ice conditions
6:25 Absolutely disgusting offside is still allowed
7:56 Nyquist faces lengthy suspension for vicious high stick
11:09 Burrows has quite the first period
13:26 Dallas Stars own goal against Ottawa
16:26 Bruins fire coach Claude Julien
19:31 Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch passes away
22:05 Crosby stuck at 998 points
24:18 NBA want’s Team’s Twitter account to be nice to each other
Headline Geek:
26:25 Iron First Trailer
27:29 Stranger Things 2 Super Bowl Trailer
30:38 Adi Shankar is working on a Dark Power Rangers Reboot
34:06 Bill Nye Saves The World Trailer
36:12 Lena Headey rumored to play Catwoman in Gotham City Sirens
39:27 Beauty and the Voldemort
41:06 Coyotes Toured arenas in Portland and Seattle
45:00 Connecticut wants the NHL back too
46:24 Trade Rumors (Trade Shmade 2017 #1)
The Knights Watch:
56:16 Vs. Billy and the Boingers
58:51 Marvel Releases Infinity War Hype Video
1:00:31 The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premier
1:04:26 Lego Batman Coin Flip Review
Choke of the Week:
1:16:37 Samsung's Battery Factory caught fire

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