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Feb 7, 2017

Headline Hockey:
1:52 Canadiens unveil new logo, jerseys for their AHL Laval Rocket
6:01 Islanders discussing return to Veteran’s Coliseum
10:18 Mitch Marner Rookie of the Month for January
12:29 Blues replace their head coach with their assistant coach
15:23 NHL announces 'Hockey Is For Everyone' month
17:51 Marian Gaborik’s Girlfriend hit by puck we’ll she was watching his game
20:21 Patrick Marleau is the 45th Player to reach 500 Goals
Headline Geek:
22:58 All 4 Avatar Scripts Finished, Production Starts soon
29:45 BvS Screenwriter Rewrote Affleck's ‘The Batman’ Draft
32:34 Tokyo's Olympic medals for 2020 will be crafted from old gadgets
36:18 Yoko Ono will Produce a Film About Her Relationship With John Lennon
39:47 NHL to debut tighter goalie pants on Saturday
44:15 Vegas Golden Knights can make deals at Trade Deadline
The Knights Watch:
48:59 Vs. The Fighting Fish
52:39 Club Penguin IS CLOSING!!!!
58:36 Super Bowl Trailers
1:09:04 The Nintendo Switch Super Bowl Ad “Switched” The game
Choke of the Week:
1:10:57 Falcons

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