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Jan 24, 2017

Headline Hockey:
3:05 Thornton and Burnsie Beard Ad
5:50 Patrick Laine Doesn’t Remember anything after that hit
7:37 Columbus Cottonmouths bus rollover crash
10:38 Trump almost bought the Panthers
12:30 Dallas Stars Make Donald Trump attendance joke
Headline Geek:
17:50 Green Lantern Corps Casting Rumors
20:50 David Ayer Wishes he made Joker the main villain of Suicide Squad
22:47 Ben Affleck Has Seen the Sad Affleck Meme
25:40 New Logan Trailer
30:10 Agents of S.H.E.I.LD.
32:57 Infinity Wars started shooting Jan 23rd
35:15 New Power Rangers Trailer
37:14 Anne Hathaway In “Colossal” Monster movie
38:19 J.K. Rowling  Kills Cursed Child Movie Rumors
39:04 James Cameron working with Tim Miller to make final Terminator movie
40:21 Arrested Development Unconfirmed Season 5 Flashback format
42:36 Letterkenny will release a St. Patrick’s day episode March 17th
43:36 Samsung will continue using the Galaxy Note brand
44:51 37th Annual Golden Raspberry (RAZZIE®) Award Nominations
47:36 Henriks 1000
48:32 Crosby on Jan 16th ties 87th all time scoring
49:17 Crosby close to 1000 points
The Knights Watch:
50:13 Vs. Aviators
52:02 Rogue One Crosses $1 Billion Box Office
53:52 Episode 8 has a tittle
55:42 Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Discussion Prt.2
Choke of the Week:
1:09:25 Bad Ice around the NHL

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