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Aug 16, 2016

0:13 Las Vegas narrows down its team names
4:34 Shea Weber has his first meeting with Montreal media
5:15 Ovechkin's first jersey sells
7:14 Maple Leafs Return Barilko's banner
10:08 Patrick Roy resigns
14:11 Suicide Squad at the box office
19:40 Man of Steel 2 back in talks
22:54 Open letter to Kevin Tsujihara
31:25 Spider-Man Homecoming
35:35 Luke Cage trailer
37:08 Captain Marvel's origin
38:05 Niantic cracking down on cheaters
41:34 Young Lando in Han Solo Solo
43:09 Kenny Baker passed away
49:20 Bothans in Rouge One
51:06 Sausage Party
Choke of the Week:

56:03 Russian "Diver"

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