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Dec 6, 2016

Headline Hockey:
1:00 Don Cherry's latest suit
4:15 Gaudreau returned Sunday
6:23 Anders Nilsson sporting a pride flag on helmet
9:27 Laine is now tied with Crosby
10:34 KHL player Evgeny Korokov does a sliding Dab
13:33 Harnarayan Singh first Sikh broadcaster on English HNIC
15:49 Brent Burns goes undercover
17:30 Phil Kessel and the pens
22:05 Connor McDavid removed from game
Headline Geek:
25:17 Nintendo Universal Park trailer
28:38 EA focusing on Battlefront
31:11 First trailer for “The Mummy”
35:23 Luke Cage gets 2nd season
41:26 Aquaman Release Date Announced
43:29 World Juniors 2019
45:56 Canucks Vs. Leafs long awaited Rematch
The Knights Watch:
49:26 Vs. The Fighting Fish
57:00 Spider-Man wing suit in Homecoming
58:30 Leaked promo art from Ragnarok
1:00:47 Guardians of the Galaxy trailer
1:02:38 Guardians telltale game confirmed
Choke of the Week:
1:03:55 Vegas using the same name as the U.S. Army parachute team

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