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Nov 29, 2016

Headline Hockey:
00:13 Brent Burns
1:39 Penguins unveil Stadium Series jersey
3:48 Petr Mrazek glove save
5:18 Florida fires coach
8:08 Capitals coach takes puck to the face
9:47 Prust Leaves NHL for Germany
12:06 McDavid flies into Coyotes bench
Headline Geek:
14:13 Ron Glass passes away
20:33 Goon 2 Trailer
Hockey News:
22:35 Vegas Golden Knights
26:37 Calgary Hitman teddy bear toss
28:53 Crosby drops gloves
The Knights Watch:
32:01 Vs. Skaters Gonna Skate
33:50 Vs. Billy and the Boingers
Geek News:
37:07 New Rouge One Footage
38:33 Letterkenny returns
Choke of the Week:
41:02 KHL players miss net while goalie drinks water

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