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Nov 22, 2016

1:11 Fantastic Beasts box office
6:49 Fantastic Beasts coin flip review
24:20 Pokemon Sun & Moon
27:45 NES Classic's and where to find them
31:37 Actual new Kong trailer
32:21 NHL Olympic chances
37:37 Stamkos is done
38:22 Richardson's broken leg
40:00 Centennial Classic Vs Winter Classic
43:22 Centennial Classic jerseys
Back to Geek...:
45:27 Cars 3 tease
Back to Hockey...:
45:53 Tortorella lets Blue Jackets take it easy
47:20 Matt Calvert puck to the face
Back to Geek...Again...:
50:38 Suicide Squad extended edition
Choke of the Week:
53:08 Malkin's friendly fire

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