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Nov 15, 2016

1:22 Arrival's box office 
2:56 Arrival coin flip review
17:39 Fan Expo Vancouver
19:15 Tom Felton Q&A
21:41 Batman VR
Culture Cross:
25:26 Subban gets an HBO show
26:27 Crosby is killing it
28:24 Good dog drops puck
30:45 Winter Classic jerseys announced
32:06 Centennial Classic Leafs jersey leaked
Back to Geek...:
33:02 Kong Trailer
34:05 Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy game
35:20 Marvel Fox Trade
38:02 More Spider-Man Movies
38:45 Deadpool 3
40:17 Inhumans gets an ABC show 
Back to Hockey...:
43:02 Coyotes get new arena
44:42 Ekman-Larsson gets $2,000 fine 
46:11 Babcock bag skates Leafs in the dark
The Knights Watch:
46:24 Vs. Aviators
Choke of the Week:
47:57 'Merica

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