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Oct 11, 2016

0:45 Obama Honors the Pens
6:29 Preseason Highlights
13:25 Las Vegas Name Game
15:36 NWHL get its first Transgender Player
21:39 Connor McDavid becomes Captain
23:54 Crosby gets diagnosed with another Concussion
The Knights Watch:
27:29 Vs. Cobra Kai
32:18 Forfeited Game
Culture Cross:
33:54 EA NHL Simulation
36:34 Martellus Bennett's inner Luke Cage
38:12 Logan Poster
41:42 Power Rangers Trailer
45:42 The Walking Dead Teaser
48:24 The Punisher in 2017?
55:12 Iron Fist Gets a date
57:12 *SPOILERS*Luke Cage Episode 1-6 Discussion
Choke of the Week:
1:12:56 Galaxy Note 7s

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