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Sep 27, 2016

1:22 WCH catch up
4:38 Team Europe could be over
8:28 Phil Kessel
10:47 Goal differentials
11:50 Suban to miss training camp
13:02 Crosby and Price's win streaks
13:27 Matt Murray out
15:01 Former USA Hockey President passes away
17:09 Marchand signs a $49M contract
18:09 Sieloff throws a dangerous hit in camp

Sep 20, 2016

0:09 World Cup Discussion
19:20 Will Mathews have it worse off then McDavid?
21:38 Ovechkin will dump the NHL for the Olympics
23:24 Jets Vs. Oilers Alumni 
24:15 Pavel Lainka passed away
The Knights Watch:
28:36 Our First Game
Culture Cross:
34:14 The Wooden Throne
35:14 Funko Pop Hockey Players
37:58 The...

Sep 13, 2016

This week we take a look at what is coming up this fall in the world to TV, Movies and the NHL!

Hockey News:
1:12 World Cup Rules
4:28 Las Vegas has a name
Hockey Preview:
6:04 Games we are looking forward to
Geek News:
9:29 Death Stroke Casting
TV Preview:
11:16 Shows we are looking forward to
Movie Preview:
42:22 Movies we...

Sep 6, 2016

0:10 Las Vegas name game
2:35 F*** Ben Johnson
10:03 Taylor Halls future with Edmonton
11:31 Salty Subban
13:10 Players dropping out of WCH
16:51 2018 Olympic hockey qualifiers
Culture Cross:
22:50 Yoga Hosers flopping
27:07 NHL17 coaches challenges
30:30 Cursed Child trilogy
36:25 Arrival reviews...